4th photo tag

OK here's the rules: Go into your picture files and open your 4th folder and download the 4th picture onto your blog!!! Write your memories of the photo
This is me and my youngest brother, Dusty. We were on our way to Vegas to see Blue Man Group for my dad's retirement party and me and him were riding in the very back of the Denali ... I got bored so I took out my phone and started taking pictures. He wouldn't do the kissy lips.

Family Pumpkin Fest

Yesterday we had a family Haloween party. It was so fun! Blake and Kessa have a pumkin patch across the street so we picked some pumpkins to carve, ate chili, had even had homemade rootbeer, oh AND we topped the night off with caramel apples (me and Kessa were going to work out after but I had to study my lesson for Sunday... sorry Kessa!). Emily decided to make this a new tradition. The kids had a blast!
I love Halloween!

Fruit Pizza

For those of you who were at my house last night for Bunkos and asked for the recipe for the fruit pizza, here it is...
2 packages Pillsbury sugar cooke dough
1 tub (8 oz) Cool Whip
1/4 package cream cheese
1/8 c powdered sugar Fruit
All you do is roll the dough out on a cookie sheet and bake as directed on package, let cool. As for the frosting, I don't know the exact measurements because you just kinda do it to taste; if you put too much cream cheese in and need it sweeter, add more powdered sugar, or vice versa. Spread the frosting and sprinkle fruit on top... Very easy! =)

Girls will be Girls

Well, between mine and Jason's antelope hunt, my dad's Nevada deer hunt, Kyle's Utah deer hunt, and Jason's elk hunt, my family has been/will be hunting almost every weekend from August to November... SO, that leaves us Taylor girls with a lot of girl time... Friday, me, my mom, and Emily went over to Kessa's house to watch Baby Mamma (it was ok) and ate chocolate chip cookies lol, it was a fun night. Saturday, we got up and went to St George for some shopping. Emily had to get the kids Halloween Costumes and I had to go to Tai Pan. We had originally planned on going to St George to get Halloween costumes for ourselves but the Halloween party we were going to got cancelled. We were really bummed too because we, along with Kyle, were going to be poligymists and it was going to be hillarious! Anyways, when we got back from St George, Emily and I worked out and then went back over to my mom's house where we gave ourselves facials (yes, we really used cucumbers, which I think actually makes them more puffy)and painted our toenails. Kylie was watching everything we did and was loving it but Kade wasn't as excited...

Tag from Amy =)

Eight T.V. shows I love to watch: 1- The Office 2- Biggest Loser 3- American Idol 4- Fox 5 news 5- Dr Phil 6- Oprah 7- Friends 8- 24 (if it ever comes on again) Favorite Places to Eat: 1- Cheesecake Factory 2- PF Changs 3- Claim Jumpers 4- Macaroni Grill 5- Cafe Rio 6- Outback 7- Sweet Tomato 8- Pizza Factory Eight Things that happened yesterday: 1- Woke up tired 2- had my AP deadline and got everything in! WHEW! 3- had lunch with Janna 4- came home right after work for the first time in MONTHS! 5- Palyed Bunkos @ 6:30 with the Moapa group 6- Went to my mom's and worked out 7- Came home and talked to Bill on the phone 8- Fell asleep on the couch while watching Oprah... haha Eight Things I look forward to: 1- Weekends 2- Winter 3- Holiday Season 4- Being with family 5- Movie nights with the girls 6- 4:30 everyday (that's when I get off work) 7- Hunting season 8- Swiss Days Eight Things I love about Fall: 1- The weather! 2- knowing that the holidays are coming soon 3- Halloween parties 4- cute fall decorations 5- Spicy smelling candles 6- It's not too hot to eat soup 7- I would say that I love all the colors but we don't have pretty colors here... the leaves go from green to light brown. 8- Holiday party planning (I'm the party planner at work) Eight Things on my wish list: 1- A new couch 2- A new bed 3- a vacation 4- 5- 6- 7- 8-