Yellowstone was amazing! We arrived at our cozy little cabin in Afton, WY on Wednesday night. Thursday we went to Jacksonhole and did a little shopping and then watched the Bar J Wranglers (very good!!). Friday we spent the whole day in Yellowstone... we saw 3 black bears, a grizzly with 2 cubs, a wolf, antelope, elk, moose, buffalo, deer, and a fox! It was so awesome! Saturday we went to Teton Village for a gondola ride that took us 2,700 feet up the Teton Mountains. It was beautiful! We were all sad to leave on Sunday.

Kade, Emily, Kyle, Me, Mom, Dad, Dusty

Kade is my bud! He told me, "Jessica, you are the best-est aunt I never had". He also asked Kyle, "Dad, when I grow up, can I marry Jessica?" He was such a trooper on this trip!
The Alpine Slide! We go to the one in Park City every year so we were excited to see one in Jacksonhole.
Old Faithful
My brother Kyle and little Kade

A baby moose! So cute!

Another black bear!

Traffic Jam!