The Happiest Place on Earth

I spent last weekend at Disneyland!! We had so much fun! Me, my mom, Aunt Kathy (my mom's twin), my cousin Becky and little Aspen decided to have a girls' weekend and go to Disneyland. We left early Friday and went strait to Disneyland. The first ride we went on was the new Nemo ride which was only about a 20 minute wait. It was a cute ride but I would never want to wait an hour for it. Aspen is only 3 but she is very tall for her age (the doctor says she'll be over 6') so she was tall enough to go on every ride. She was a trooper until we dragged her on Tower of Terror... after that ride, she didn't quite trust us anymore and wanted to stick to rides like Peter Pan and Whinnie the Poo. We were there Friday, all day Saturday, and half of Sunday before driving home that night. Becky got a little online book from ebay that was written by a guy who works at Disneyland and it has some fun little facts about Disneyland... Did you know that the average person walks 5 miles per day at Disneyland?? Also, there are over 100,000 light bulbs and every one of them gets checked every single night and when the bulb is 20% used up, they replace them; also, every hand rail is cleaned and POLISHED every night. AND, this one killed me; they get all their Coke products for free as long as they don't sell any Pepsi products... SO, why is it that they feel like they need to charge $2.50 for a bottle of Coke? What a rip off. Another thing he said is that many couples think they have privacy on Pirates of the Caribbean and do naughty things because it's dark but they actually have infrared cameras all over and you are being watched all the time... If any of you are wondering if that is true, the infrared part, it is... on Saturday night, everyone in our group was shopping at the little gift shop and, believe it or not, I am not much of a shopper, so I decided to just go on Splash Mountain by myself because I was getting impatient so I go on it and I have the whole log to myself because no one else was even in line so I get on and I had my feet up on the seat in front of me because I didn't want to get wet, so I'm going along and right before the big drop, the music stops and a little voice comes through the speaker "please put your feet down!" It was quite funny actually... SO YES, they really are watching you. SO, note to self, don't do anything crazy when you think no one is watching. OHH! One more thing that I forgot to add... we went into this library where you sit at a little computer thing and it takes your picture and then you answer a few questions and then it tells you which Disney Character you are... of course I was hoping to be Cinderella or someone cool BUT, it said that I was most like the fat little teapot from Beauty and the Beast! I was not very happy about that... so I did it again and got Mulan... haha. ** I will have a picture of us on Tower of Terror soon... I need to scan it. **