1 successful hunt = 2 happy hunters

YAY! I got one! We had SO much fun this weekend! Jason and I both drew tags in the same area so we all headed up to Kalamazoo Friday after work. There was Jason, Kyle, Dusty (all my brothers but Travis :(, my parents, and my three nephews, Dakota, Logan and Kade. Jason got his Saturday morning and I got mine Sunday morning. All I know is those suckers are fast!! By the time you get your gun up, they are already gone so it got a little frustrating. Kyle was chasing some on his 4-wheeler and he said they were going 62 mph! It was way fun though! I took him down in one shot! It was really exciting! I missed a couple bucks before this one though, for one of them it was too long of a shot for my 30-06 so I used Jason's 300 Ultra Mag which left a nice bruise on my shoulder haha. Everyone but me and Jason left Sunday afternoon but he and I stayed to scout out some elk for Jason's elk hunt in November. It was a blast!