Whats been going on...

Ok so I just read Trisha’s newest post and it totally inspired me to put up a new post as more of a journal entry rather than putting some pictures up of what I did last weekend… I love journals and I used to be so good at writing in mine but over the past couple years I have really been slacking at it. SO, being that I am a very open person and have no problem letting everyone know what I am up to, I decided to start typing… First of all, in response to my post a few weeks ago Ladies Put Your Heads Together, I just want to thank everyone haha. When I posted that, I had just gotten out of a relationship with someone that I fell way too hard for, way too fast and things didn’t work out the way I had hoped (or I thought I hoped)… I was sad at first but now I realize that it was meant to be and things couldn’t have worked out better! A couple weeks after the break-up, I had gone on quite a few dates but was feeling a little frustrated and feeling like I was trapped in Moapa… that night I decided that I just need to have fun and take care of myself, enjoy life and know that someone will come along, probably when I least expect it. The very next day I get a call from Danny, I’m sure you all know who Danny is but I won’t say his last name for his own sake haha. Anyways, I knew him from school but he is 3 years older than me so I had never talked to him or anything until he called me that day. We went out on a Thursday and then again on Friday and then the following Sunday... To make a long story short, we have hung out just about every day since that first date and I’m crazy about him! He is so sweet and he has so many good qualities! The other day, he rode in my truck and he could tell that I needed new brake pads so the next day, he called me on his way to Vegas to find out what year my truck was because he wanted to stop and pick me up some brake pads. He also said he could change them for me so yesterday he gave me HIS truck to drive (his truck is WAY nicer than mine and I couldn’t believe that he trusted me to drive it) so I had his truck for the day and he had mine but when he started looking at my truck, he realized that I had let my brake pads go too long and because of that, I needed a new rotor also so he drove all the way to Mesquite (giving me a lecture on the way) to get me a new rotor, came home and switched everything out. Poor guy spent pretty much his whole day fixing my truck for me. He was so sweet about it though and seemed happy to help me out. He came over to my parents’ house for their anniversary party yesterday and my family totally loves him, especially Kyle who is the hardest to impress! Kade (my 4 yr old nephew) gets a little jealous when I bring someone around or when I talk about dating so last night, my family and Danny and I are sitting around at the dinner table and it must have been driving Kade nuts not to know if Danny was just my friend or my boyfriend or what so all the sudden he said really loud and energetic “raise you’re hand if you have a boyfriend!”. I was dying laughing! He wanted to find out one way or another what our status was so he figured that would be a good way to get to the bottom of it haha. So anyways, things are going really good there… we’ll see where it goes. I was telling Emily the other day that I feel like I have really found myself in the past year. I am a totally different person than I used to be! I know who I am and what is important in life, I know what I want and I have total confidence in myself. Being in Young Womens has helped me so much and made me so much stronger! I have grown to love the girls so much and knowing that I have to be an example to them and that they look up to me just means so much and totally keeps me in line! I love my life and I am so happy that I have been able to grow and learn who I really am! This post is kind of random and very long but I just wanted to share what is new with me and express some of my feelings… thanks for reading J

A New Cowboy in Town

If Kade isn't the most handsome little cowboy, I don't know who is! Kyle entered him in the Little Britches Rodeo this weekend! He did the muttin bustin and calf riding! Emily wasn't too excited about her little 4 year old getting on a bucking steer but Justin was there to run with the steer and hang on to Kade as he rode. Kade loved it!
Dusty has also become somewhat of a cowboy! He finally convinced my mom to let him ride one of Justin's bulls when they buck them out. He loved it and now he wants to ride in high school rodeo.... we'll see...
This is as he was getting bucked off... notice his right foot planted on the ground and his left foot is above the bull. haha.

Sad Day for Moapa Valley!

The following came from the Las Vegas Review Journal:
A Mormon church in Logandale was destroyed by fire early today. No one was in the building around 4:10 a.m. when volunteer firefighters were alerted to heavy smoke and fire coming from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 3245 N. Moapa Valley Blvd., Clark County Fire Department spokesman Scott Allison said. The smoke and fire were so thick that crews could only battle the blaze from outside the building, he said. No injuries were reported.
A side office building containing the bishop's offices and church records were not harmed in the fire, he said.
Allison said the Mormon church was one of the oldest buildings in the town, about 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas. It was built by the community in 1951.
It's really sad to think of the valley's pioneers who spent their time there making bricks and putting the building up. There is a lot of history in that building.