Some pictures of the big day

Whew... the wedding is over and I we are back to normal life. Planning the wedding was so fun but it was a lot of work, a lot of phone calls, and a lot of running from Vegas to St George all the while trying to stay focussed at work. These are just a couple pictures of the wedding. I am waiting to get them back from Tara which will be very soon. I will put more up when I get them.
This is my neice Kylie who was one of my flower girls. I made little tu-tus for them to wear and despite the look on her face in this picture, she loved wearing it and she said "look! I am a real ballerina".
This was such a happy day and I am so glad I had Tara as my photographer to capture the moments. Thanks Tara!

Welcome home Travis!

My little brother Travis came home from the Oklahoma, Tulsa mission. He came home on Friday the 26th. (the day before the wedding). Me and Trav have always been really close and it has been so fun having him home!