Quite the Red Carpet Event...in Mesquite... who knew?

My heart belongs to Kade...
Cami, Amanda, Kessa, Colton, Lonia, Me, Emily, Casey, Lyndi
...but my neck belongs to Edward! (in Colton's case, Alice)
So last night, we all went to Mesquite for the midnight showing of Twilight! The night turned out way more fun that any of us expected... Of course we have all read the books and I made shirts for all of us to wear (just to make it more fun) but we aren't some of those crazy fans, like the ladies who went to an Italian restaurant and ordered mushroom raviolis just to be like Bella. We were just going to the movies for a girls' night out... so, we drove to Mesquite and ate dinner first. After dinner we were going to go to Wal Mart to kill some time because we still had a couple hours before the movie started but we decided to drive by the theater instead, to see if anyone was in line yet... no one was in line but we could see the movie theater staff setting something up so we figured that people would be getting there soon and we should probably just stay there and be the first in line. Little did we know, what they were setting up was the red carpet!!... Make a long story short, after waiting for a couple hours, a limo pulls up and out come the actor who plays Mike Newton along with Natalia Livingston from General Hospital, and Isaac C. Singleton Jr. from Pirates and some other people. They were in Mesquite filming a new movie called Rough Hustle so they showed up for the movie. Mike Newton was sitting directly behind me and Emily, 2 rows up. It was kinda cool!
Natalia LivingstonMike is the one on the left, he was really cool and down to earth.