I almost forgot how to do this

Wednesday we stayed at my Grandma's house in Santa Clara and had a little family New Years Eve party. The next day we woke up and went to Pine Valley to go sledding. We went there last year and we took the Rangers with us and we found a meadow that had snow and ice on it so we tied a rope to the Ranger and would get pulled behind the Ranger. It was really fun and we wanted to do that again this year so we went to the same place but there was way too much snow!! Kyle's truck got stuck right when we got there so we unloaded the Ranger but even that kept getting stuck (thank goodness for some snowmobile-ers that helped us tow the Ranger). So... to make a long story short, we pretty much spent the whole day getting un-stuck and helping other people who were stuck. It was still fun though! We Nevada folks get so excited just to see snow :). I wish Jason and Trish could have come... we missed you!!
Kyle's truck, stuck in the snow...

My dad's truck has a wench so he was able to pull Kyle (and every other truck) out.

Kyle and Dad trying to decide what to do while Dusty shovels haha.