Addresses Needed :)

Ok so the wedding plans are going great! Me and my mom have been having so much fun! At first I was really stressed out about all the planning but now that it is getting closer and things are coming together, I am getting really excited! The reception will be in my parents backyard and the colors are black, white, and pink! We are going with a fun, summer theme. Dannys is so good... he just kinda sits back and lets us plan. The big day is June 27th!! YAY! My little brother, Travis comes home from his mission on June 26th so he is literally coming home to a wedding. I got my dress a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it!! I go in for my final fitting tomorrow and hopefully the seamstress did everything right so that I can get it drycleaned and ready for my bridal pictures next Sat. (whew!) My wonderful friend Tara is doing all our pictures which I am WAY excited about! She does such a good job and she is one of my best-est friends. Next week she is doing our engagement and bridal shots in Midway which I am excited about! (I will take any reason I can to go to Midway). Once we get our pictures, I will finally put some up of me and him :). Ok so the real reason I am posting this is because I need your address... (if you are in my ward then I've already got it). Please please please reply with your address :). If you don't want to put it on here where everyone can read it, you can text it to me @ 702-286-7993 or email it to I will keep you all posted on all the plans and I will have pictures up soon :)