Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I haven't posted anything new for awhile and I saw this on Andrea's page so I guess I will fill it out too... afterall, I do live quite an exciting life ;) 20 YEARS AGO...1. I was 3 years old, living in Henderson. 10 YEARS AGO...1. I was getting ready for my 8th grade school year and SO excited for it to be my last year in Middle School!! Flew to Reno with Taryn for a week. 5 YEARS AGO...1. Just graduated H.S., trying to figure out what I was doing with my life, working at Tiffany's with Amy and LOVING it!! Went on my first cruise. 3 YEARS AGO...1. I was living in Cedar with Tara, working at Ab Initio Academy, getting ready to move to Provo with Savannah and Kendra. Went on my third cruise, to Hawaii this time!! 1 YEAR AGO...1. Working at Geneva, living at home but getting ready to move into an apartment in Overton which I only lived in for 2 months because of the spiders ahh! SO FAR THIS YEAR...1. Still working at Geneva, moved into a house on the ranch in Moapa, started dating Bill, am accomplishing a huge goal (ask and I will tell). YESTERDAY I...1. Went to church, picked Jason up from the airport TODAY I...1. woke up really tired, went to work, am still at work, after work will go to my water aerobics class and then get on the elliptical TOMORROW I...will go to work and then go to Vegas to go out with Savannah IN THE NEXT YEAR I...Will have accomplished my goal, will get to see Travis!!