Huge Accomplishment

We did it! The Moapa Valley Smokin Hot Cheetas did it! Saturday I ran in the Lake to Lake relay which went from Gunlock Reservoir to Sand Hollow Reservoir. We were on a team of 5 people and the course was 50 miles total so we each ran 10 miles. That may not sound like much to some people but it was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Tiffany and I have been running at 5 every morning to train for this and after Saturday it was all worth it.

Tiffany and I went up Friday night and then we met up with the rest of our team Saturday morning. The weather was really nice until we were halfway through and then the wind picked up and it was awful! We all had headwinds for our seconds legs which really mad it a lot tougher. I can hardly move today!!!

My next goal is a half marathon. I can't decide if I want to push and do the Salt Lake one next month or if I want to wait to do the Las Vegas marathon in November... we'll see...