Happy Birthday Kylie

It seems like I just barely did a post of Kylie turning 2! I can't believe she is already 3! She loves Dora so that was the theme for this years party. I put Danny in charge of getting her a present since he works in Vegas so he picked out a purple My Little Pony toy that talks and drinks from a bottle and sings. It was really cuet that he picked that out for her and she LOVED it! I don't think it is any surprise to anyone that I love this little girl! She is such a sweetheart with quite the little sassy side :). She loves to be mother hen and she organizes EVERYTHING. If she is eating candy, she groups them up by color and then lines them out in a perfect line. From shampoo bottles, to her My Little Pony's, to pennies, she lines them up in a perfect line, all facing the same direction. She is so much fun and just beams with personality...

Hot Summer Day...

When the boys are gone, the girls will play... all the boys went scouting for deer so me, my mom, Emily and the two little ones (Kylie and Presley) had a girls' weekend. We had so much fun! Friday night we went to Mesquite for dinner and then came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance. Saturday we went to Henderson and met up with Aunt Kathy, Becky and Aspen at the mall; did a little shopping, went to lunch and then went swimming at Kathy's. After we went swimming, Aunt Kathy taught me how to make her famous rolls which are SO good! She made the dough and taught me how to form the rolls and then I took them home to cook. Danny was really happy to come home to the smell of fresh rolls. :). Thanks Aunt Kathy!


A few weekends ago we went to Marysvale for the weekend. Between everyone that came, we had four Rangers and three 4-wheelers. We would get up every morning and go for a long ride in the mountains. It was SO nice up there! One of the days, we went on a 6 hour ride and got stuck in a hail storm. It made it kinda exciting but it was freezing! We all had a good time!

I can only imagine how much dirt must have been stuck to those suckers that the kids are eating haha.