Proud to be a Probst

We spent this last weekend at my Uncle Ron's ranch for the Grant and Barbara Probst reunion. Everyone had so much fun and the weather could not have been better! Some of the things we did included....
Playing horse shoes
Getting tipped over in your kayak by your obnovious son
Going off the big swing
Fishing... good job Lydi!
Movie under the stars
Loader rides... (this was actually kinda scary but really fun!)
And most important, spending time with family!

It was so fun! Everyone spent the night except Danny and I. Danny had to work on Saturday so on Friday night we came home and then I drove back up early Saturday morning. I am actually glad that I came home to sleep that night because between the mysterious animal(s) in the atic of the barn (where most people slept) and Lydia's night terror in the middle of the night, it turned out to be a rough night for those who slept in the barn (hehe). Although I was sad that I missed seeing Emily win the hoola-hoop contest!

I love my family and I am "proud to be a Probst". Lindsay put the whole thing together and she did a great job. Thanks Linds!