Swiss Days 2008

Both of my grandparents grew up in Midway, Utah so every year for Labor Day weekend we go up there for Swiss Days and a family reunion. We all love it up there! We still have a lot of family that lives there but most of my intermediate family lives in Nevada and we all wonder how that happened? How did they move from beautiful little Midway to Las Vegas?? If you have never been to Swiss Days and like crafts and decorating, I suggest you go! It's every girls dream. Cute stuff everywhere!!

We usually stay at the Zermatt or the Homestead but this year we stayed at the Inn on the Creek. It wasn't bad but we all agreed to stick with one of the others from now on.

My cousin Becky was staying at the Zermatt so we took the kids over there to ride the merry-go-round. Kylie wasN'T happy when it was time to leave.

At the reunion... Alivia, Savannah, Aunt Lynn, Mom, Me, Brooklyn

I just stole this picture from Emily's page because I didn't get a picture of it when we were there... anyways this is the "mushroom house" or the "smurf house" in Midway. This house has been there for as long as I can remember and we all love it so we always have to drive by the Mushroom House whenever we go to Midway. Isn't it cool?