Thanks for the tag Haley!

Is this random enough Haley?? My eyes are trying to escape from my head...
Rules: Name 5 random things about yourself, then tag 5 people. Make sure you comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged!Plus - If you want, add a random picture.. kinda makes it more fun! 1: When I was like 7, I accidentally killed the family dog that we had had like forever (long story) so as my punishment and a way to teach me responsibility I had to do the dishes by myself every single night for like 3 years!! As a little kid, doing dishes all alone for a family of seven was complete torture!! It would take me hours to do them. I would sit at the table and take as long as I could to eat dinner just to put off doing the dishes. THEN, when my parents finally decided that it was time for me and my two older brothers to take turns, my brothers would pay me $40 per year to do the dishes for them… what a RIP OFF!!! SO, to make a long story short, I HATE when dishes fill up in the sink. Whenever I cook dinner, I usually wash all the pans and everything before I even sit down to eat. 2: One time me and my brother Travis got into an argument and he was standing about 10 feet away from me, next to the pool table and he got so mad that he grabbed a pool ball and chucked it at me, hitting me in the lip. I had a purple lip for weeks! 3: I am a major chicken!! I have gotten a lot better since I’ve moved out and live alone but I will not and can not watch a scary movie! I could when I lived at home or with roommates but I would seriously have a nervous breakdown if I watched a scary movie now and then came home to an empty house. If I get home at night, I have to call someone to talk to me while I walk from my truck to my front door and if I can’t get a hold of anyone, I run as fast as I can. The funniest part is that I am not scared of people or anyone in my house, like I don’t even lock my door and once I get inside I am fine but what I am scared of is a mountain lion getting me. HAHA, I know, I know but I live away from everyone else along the mountain and supposedly there has been one spotted around my house. So I FREAK out! 4: I hate the movie The Notebook. That is a totally random thing but I have watched it like 5 times trying to convince myself that it is good but I just hate it! I remember telling Savannah that once and she was like really upset about that. haha 5: One summer, when me and Savannah were 14 or 15, we snuck to San Diego with 5 guys who were all in there 20s for about a week and our parents had no idea. Well, actually her mom ended up finding out but my mom never knew until like last year. My aunt was cool and didn’t tell on me. I told my mom that I was staying at her friend’s house or something. (this was before everyone had cell phones). We had a blast until one of the cars broke down on the way home and all 7 of us had to pile in a little TINY 4 seater BMW. It was awful! I think all of the blogs I read have already been tagged but if not then I tag Amy, Candace, Emily, Trisha, Lauren... and everyone else that wants too :)

1 successful hunt = 2 happy hunters

YAY! I got one! We had SO much fun this weekend! Jason and I both drew tags in the same area so we all headed up to Kalamazoo Friday after work. There was Jason, Kyle, Dusty (all my brothers but Travis :(, my parents, and my three nephews, Dakota, Logan and Kade. Jason got his Saturday morning and I got mine Sunday morning. All I know is those suckers are fast!! By the time you get your gun up, they are already gone so it got a little frustrating. Kyle was chasing some on his 4-wheeler and he said they were going 62 mph! It was way fun though! I took him down in one shot! It was really exciting! I missed a couple bucks before this one though, for one of them it was too long of a shot for my 30-06 so I used Jason's 300 Ultra Mag which left a nice bruise on my shoulder haha. Everyone but me and Jason left Sunday afternoon but he and I stayed to scout out some elk for Jason's elk hunt in November. It was a blast!

Goin Hunting

I'm going antelope hunting tomorrow and I haven't really shot my gun since last years deer hunt so me and Dusty went out practicing today. I'll be back Monday night so hopefully my next post will be pictures of my prize.

The Trio...

Jess, Ken, Vannah
Savannah, Kendra, and I wanted to have a girls night out before Kendra and her husband move back to Logan for school on Friday. So we met at Town Square in Vegas and ate at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). While we were eating we decided that we wanted to go to the movies. We all agreed to see Mama Mia (I've seen it twice already and LOVE it!) but it was starting in 10 minutes! So we hurry and paid for our food and headed towards the theater... we had to stop at Yogurtland for some frozen yogurt, because no matter what kind of hurry you are in, there is always time for that, so we got our yogurt with a lid on it, stuffed it in our purses so we could sneak it in the theater and were walking as fast as we can (in heels, of course) to the theater. We finally get there about 15 minutes late and they said "that showing of Mama Mia was cancelled"! I said "are you kidding?? we just rushed to get here, how can you just cancel it?" (I kinda turned on the brattiness) so he called the manager and we ended up getting to see another movie at no cost! Sometimes it pays to raise a fuss! So we watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants II. It was pretty good... lot's of drama, but it was a good, girl movie. I'm gonna miss Ken but at least I still have Savannah.

Kolob Reservoir - Sorry guys! I've been slacking on my blogging!

Last weekend we all wanted to get out of the heat for the weekend so me, Kyle, Emily, Dusty, and the kids headed up to Utah. We had a lot of fun. We left Friday night and stayed in a hotel in St George and then got up early Saturday morning and headed for Kolob mountain where we just hung out at the reservoir. The weather was SO nice, it was nice to have a relaxing weekend!

Kylie did this little pose on her own as soon as I pulled out the camera.

Good morning! The first thing they do when they wake up is give eachother a big hug. It's so cute! Then they fight for the rest of the day.
Of course we had to stop at Cal Ranch... my brothers love this store! Getting all set up at our little spot. There were people everywhere!
Time to relax!

Kylie LOVES her new boots! She looks so cute in them!

I think Kade was tired of me taking pictures. Everyone get's a little annoyed with me and my camera. haha.

Dusty caught a cute little frog... Kade didn't want any part of it but Kylie didn't mind. She held it and then put it in her shirt.

The Witch Doctor

I am sitting here, at work, in such a good mood and just feeling so good and happy… Work has been crazy and stressful lately and I have been more irritable than usual. Today is different! Why is today different? Let me tell you… Some people may think I am crazy but I am all about “the secret” and the power of a positive attitude. For the past year, I have been going to an energy doctor; some people may call him a witch doctor. He is licensed as a chiropractor but he works with your structural, emotional, and chemical health; he calls it “unique wholistic chiropractic care”. I have been going to him for awhile and he has helped me so much. I originally went to him because I have shoulder problems but he ended up helping me in many more ways than just my messed up shoulder. He is amazing, I would recommend him to anyone with an open mind! A couple weeks ago, someone told me about a lady who also works with your body energy so I thought I would give her a shot, just for someone different, a change. She is a health practitioner, iridologist, and intuitive consultant. I made an appointment and went to her yesterday, WOW! She knew more about me than I knew about myself. It was incredible. It was almost like a two hour therapy session with a physic. She pin pointed everything! Every part of your body is connected to an emotion and those emotions could go back to the day and the way you were born. I know it sounds crazy!! Everything she told me was exactly right though. She made me cry and I absolutely hate crying, especially in front of anyone, she made me laugh, and she had me talking about things that I would not normally talk about with anyone, especially a complete stranger. I’ve never had a hard time making friends but I’ve always had a hard time opening up and just letting someone in. I’ve always kind of kept my distance and I just thought it was because I was independent. She said that it is not because I am independent, it is because I am lonely and that I cover it up but by trying to be “independent”. Without me telling her anything, she said that there were things that happened when I was 6, 11, and 17 years old that reiterated my loneliness. Boy was she right… at age 6, my youngest brother was born and I wanted a sister SO bad. I knew it was my mom’s last baby and I was sad that I was gonna be the only girl forever (now, I wouldn’t change it for the world). At 11, I was in middle school and I HATED middle school! I was depressed, kids at that age are so mean and my best friend and I were always getting in fights and not talking to each other. I begged and begged my mom everyday to home school me so I could stay home and not have to go to school. When I was 17, my best friend since 3rd grade graduated a year early and I was going into my senior year without my best friend and worried about which “click” to hang out with. This lady, without me telling her anything, could tell that something was going on at those three ages that was causing loneliness and therefore making it hard for me to open up to people. It was so cool! That was only one example, we talked about everything and I can honestly tell you that it has already helped me!! Even by me posting this and letting everyone know what total kook I am shows improvement. Today I woke up happy and ready to start my day. I feel like I could take on the world. I absolutely love my life and I just wanted to share that with everyone. Sometimes I wonder if all this nonsense is true and real but even if it’s not, and even if everything that these doctors are telling me is just a coincidence, the same thing that they tell everyone who comes in their office, who cares? If I leave feeling better, with a positive attitude and feeling like a better person, why not? Why not have an open mind and find peace of mind in any way we can? “The only opponent to finding our greatness is ourselves!”