Staci invited me to go with her and the kids to Disneyland! She picked me up early Sunday morning. Staci forgot to pack her shoes so we stopped in Barstow (or Barstool, as Jayci calls it) at the outlet mall to get her some walking shoes :). We got to our hotel in Anaheim around 2:00, relaxed for a min and then headed to Newport Beach....
Me and Staci. We were FREEZING!
Monday we headed to Disneyland. The weather was PERFECT and we walked on every ride!! This is definitely the time of year to go! We went on 17 rides Monday alone! Dakota was so brave! Last time he came he wasn't tall enough to go on Screamin the roller coaster so he was really happy that he had grown and was tall enough this time! Jayci and Carla weren't so brave... they waited while we went on it... 3 times. Jayci's favorite ride was Splash Mountain and I would have to agree with her on that. I think that will always be my favorite, no matter how old I am.
Tuesday we went back to Disneyland for a few hours before heading home. We left Disneyland at about 4:00 and drove straight home! The kids wanted to stay for another week and couldn't understand why we couldn't just stay.

Above: Me and my niece Devyn waiting in line for Tower of Terror.

Dakota: mom, my head hurts
Staci: what's wrong? You have a headache?
Dakota: no, I was rubbing it on the carpet and now it hurts
I had so much fun on this trip! I don't get to see Devyn, Jayci and Dakota as often as I would like because they live in St. George so being with them for 3 days was a blast!! I hope they know how much I love them! They are such good kids with such sweet little spirits. I am so lucky to be thier aunt and be a part of their lives.