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Meet Reggie

Danny has always wanted a bloodhound so while he was hunting, I surprised him with little Reggie. I found her in the KSL classifieds so last Tuesday after work, I drove to Richfield and got her. Danny was so excited! She is so cute and has so much personality. I will say though that having a puppy is a lot of work!
Kylie LOVES Reggie......but Reggie loves Presley

I Lost the Battle

Fall=Hunting Season

Well, I survived the first deer hunt with the Mays. We had a lot fun. I went up with them Friday after I got off work and then I had to come home Sunday. The rest of the boys took this week off work so they are still up there. I am ready for the season to be over so I can have my husband back! This is something they always look forward to though so I understand. :). They are still up there but as of today, they have filled 5 out of 7 tags. Above: Danny's deer.Kirby's first deer!My brother-in-law Courtney's deer. Ok so this is a HUGE tranchula that David found for Danny while they were hiking... you can imagine my excitement... Danny loves, loves them. He lets it walk on and him and everything... ugh! I wont even go near it! So he took it home and now it is just me and this stupid spider home while he is gone... he may be surprised to see it's gone when he gets back.