Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Savannah is tying the knot! YAY! Friday was her bachelorette party and it was so much fun! First we had dinner at the Grand Lux CafĂ© at the Palazzo and then danced the night away at club Tao in the Venetian. Brittany and Rachel made Savannah wear a veil and the rest of us had to wear feather boas. It was so fun walking around the casino as a big group with those on because everyone was shouting at us, telling Savannah congratulation, and even asking to take pictures with us. By the end of the night, our feet were killing us… me and Kendra even took our shoes off on the dance floor but the bouncer made us put them back on (I imagine you could lose a toe if someone stepped on you with stiletto heels). Despite the fact that we could hardly walk from the club to valet because our feet were covered in blisters, it was a really, really fun night!!!

Home Sweet Home

Ok, so this is my litte home... I thought I would put some pictures of it for those of you who have never been to my house. The outside needs a little work but the inside is acutally pretty nice. It's 3 bedroom, 2 bath. The wallpaper is a little wild but I try to make it work. If you haven't been over to see it yet, you need to!! Mi casa su casa!