Tag from Amy =)

Eight T.V. shows I love to watch: 1- The Office 2- Biggest Loser 3- American Idol 4- Fox 5 news 5- Dr Phil 6- Oprah 7- Friends 8- 24 (if it ever comes on again) Favorite Places to Eat: 1- Cheesecake Factory 2- PF Changs 3- Claim Jumpers 4- Macaroni Grill 5- Cafe Rio 6- Outback 7- Sweet Tomato 8- Pizza Factory Eight Things that happened yesterday: 1- Woke up tired 2- had my AP deadline and got everything in! WHEW! 3- had lunch with Janna 4- came home right after work for the first time in MONTHS! 5- Palyed Bunkos @ 6:30 with the Moapa group 6- Went to my mom's and worked out 7- Came home and talked to Bill on the phone 8- Fell asleep on the couch while watching Oprah... haha Eight Things I look forward to: 1- Weekends 2- Winter 3- Holiday Season 4- Being with family 5- Movie nights with the girls 6- 4:30 everyday (that's when I get off work) 7- Hunting season 8- Swiss Days Eight Things I love about Fall: 1- The weather! 2- knowing that the holidays are coming soon 3- Halloween parties 4- cute fall decorations 5- Spicy smelling candles 6- It's not too hot to eat soup 7- I would say that I love all the colors but we don't have pretty colors here... the leaves go from green to light brown. 8- Holiday party planning (I'm the party planner at work) Eight Things on my wish list: 1- A new couch 2- A new bed 3- a vacation 4- 5- 6- 7- 8-