Gettin' Down!

Thank you to Grandma, Savannah and Kristy who made this month's Girls Night Out super fun!

We made salt dough ornaments, magnets, etc. after pizza and root beer. Funny how we all crowded around this table... we have some talented crafters in our little group (and some good dancers... read on :).

This is when we are riding in the awesome limousine that they rented... and we are still behaving ourselves.
(This was only half of the limo... it was HUGE)

Then things got a little CRAZY!!

This is us waiting in line for ice cream at LuvIts

It was a seriously FUN night! We get together every two months and take turns planning each time. My cousins and aunts and I have all had a really close relationship and I love that we can do stuff like this together. Makes for some good memories! Who says mormon girls can't have fun??


Chase and Melissa said...

This is awesome! Is every girls night out that amazing? Its such a perfect way to stay close to your fam! I think Im going to have a chat with Kacee because we so need to ride around Moapa (when Im there) in that Limo! It was good to see you at Kacee's by the way, even though it was brief.

Nate and Felicia Thomson said...

That is awesome! I have to admit it was a little wierd seeing my sister in some of those pictures haha! What a fun idea

Martine said...

How much fun is that? That is a huge limo. It makes me want to be your sister:)