Probst Family Christmas Party

Our family has always gotten together for Thanksgiving but for Christmas each family would usually stay home and spend it with their own families so this year we decided to do a Probst Christmas Party. We had it at the ranch in Alamo and it was so fun! Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ron have really put a lot of work in to the ranch and everytime we go there is something added to it to make it even more fun. They completely re-did the little barn and made it super cute inside! Tonia and Ramondo cooked mexican food for us and then we went on a hay ride, sang songs, drank hot chocolate and then we went back in the barn for the white elephant gift exchange. The gift exchange was fun! One of the gifts had $100 bill in it so that added a little twist.

The hay ride!

No Probst party is complete without the Limbo! :)