Halloween Party 2009

Friday night we had a family Halloween party at Aunt Kathy's house. This has turned in to a tradition and it is really fun to see everyone dressed up. Dusty has been busy with football and didn't have time to get a costume so he was a "nudist on strike" lol, my mom was Kelly Osbourne and my dad was Ozzy, Kyle and Emily were so funny as old people, Presley was the cuttest little chicken I have ever seen, Kade was a football player, and Kylie was the "cuttest costume award" as a little indian.

Getting Danny in a costume wasn't easy but it actually wan't as hard as I thought it would be :). and, NO! I am not really prego, I just stuffed my stomach for the costume. We are the hillbilly bride and groom.

My coustins Brandon (little boy), Lindsay (Batwoman), Grant (Richard Simmons), and Bryson (toothfairy lol)

Grandma was an "old bag" and Grandpa was "Captain Buttocks" (anyone who knows Grandpa would say that that is a perfect costume for him :)

My mom won the contest for the "hottest costume" and dad won "best costume"

Kyle and Emily's costumes were great!

Grandma, Mom, Aunt Lynn, Aunt Kathy

I am already looking forward to next year...


Lauren said...

YAY! I'm so glad you love everything!! :)
Oh and I looooove the costumes!

The Marshall's said...

How Fun!!! That looks like such a good time!! I LOVE all the costumes Jess!! And Danny is a total trooper!!! I asked Jody if he wanted to this year and there was no pushing that subject... Ha :) You all look great!!!!

J and Heather said...

Love it!! Your family is awesome. Looks like a blast. Oh and i love the costumes, a nice variety.

Ian and Kacee said...

LOVE the costumes!! :)

Chase and Melissa said...

Your family is awesome! I so want to do this next year. Did you make the sweet hillbilly overalls? (I don't know how to spell over-alls??)